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deejay how long till our next stop man I

know what will pass the time I'll play

my new song for you


Benatar the CIA

would consider your song a weapon of

mass destruction Beach Wales would throw

themselves back into the sea

gay guys would run away screaming from a

monsoon of penises your song sucks dude

not your cup of tea then as sad as my

witness you'll never play that song

again I need to think too far my ears I

got some sweet new jokes haven't we been

through enough for one day you just had

to ask didn't

good evening you inbred [ __ ]

hillbillies my friends and I are broke

down here give us a hand huh thanks


these aren't hillbillies there's some

Billie's back on that Hicks DJ how's it

going spot me five more minutes man I

know I'll sue them to sleep with my song

[ __ ] I told you I never want to

hear that song again [ __ ] no I would

really rather not


hey up here you rotting redneck cousin

[ __ ] like comedy okay now we're dead

for sure if you marry your sister and

then eat her brains you might be a

zombie Lee hey why do country hookers

like zombie Lee's cuz they always leave

a tip huh-huh this thing on wait wait I

got one more how do you put a baby

zombie Lee to sleep you decapitated and

set it on fire let's go now

any last requests how about Simona see

the sames good musical to die zoom

minutes are that's it play your unholy

acoustic diarrhea song but you say you

never wanted to hear it again

that was before the redneck undead we're

about to kill our faces off play it it's



it's working everybody inside thank God

it's over our nightmare is over

what a bad nasty pigeon just drunk

probably no zombie eyeball uh you're

half right

Oh zombie balls zombies nut wait your

guys has balls don't look like that