TAKE OVER THE WORLD - (Your Favorite Martian music video)

TAKE OVER THE WORLD - (Your Favorite Martian music video)


My grandmama used to tell me one day I would be king
And that it could be me to put these dreams into a sling
And fling 'em like a bullet 'til they beam the whole ruling regime
in the melon.

Then I tell 'em that I'll one day reign supreme
But it seems, I'm a damn salmon swimming upstream.
I scream 'cause I know just why the caged bird sings.
I'll adorn the king's throne, wear his treasure with pleasure,
'Cause this job is temporary, success is forever!

Chorus: Workin' every week at a job I can't stand.
I always tell myself that one day I'll be the man.
What we gonna do tonight, Brain?
We're gonna take over the world.

Imma shoot straight for the stars in my rocket.
No time on the clock. I'm gonna stop it. Kryptonite in my pocket
for all the cynical Supermen, surrounding me, crowding me,
shrouding me with doubt. They don't how to be proud of me.
'Cause one day I'm gonna run this town
And when I seize the crown. It's gonna please the crowd.
My hands and feet were bound to the ground, at least 'til now
'cause this job is like a prison, but the beast is out! RAWR!

I'm not just chasin' these dreams.
I'm hiding out in the bushes, and then I wait 'til they leave
and jump out and pistol-whip 'em with my loaded ambition.
I'm not gonna front. I'm Ethan Hunt on this Impossible Mission.
Listen! This ain't a game of Risk in the kitchen.
I'm Stewie Griffin in this bitch, and I just flipped the ignition
on a clique of robotic ninjas programmed to kick my competition
in the face. I swear to god one day I'll run this place.

Once I quit this job, then I'll be free.
I've got greater plans. Wait and see.
I'm gonna rise to the top, take over everything.
Some day my boss will work for me,
one day I'll be king.

We're gonna take over the world. (fade)

Take over the world is a song by YFM.


  • This is one of the songs that features Wilton.
  • When in the office, Axel uses pencils for drumming and Deejay holds a boombox.
  • In the chours when Puff sing 'what we gonna do tonight, Brain?' is a reference from the cartoon pinky and the brain.
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