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"Bi-atch got a penis."

DeeJay is the mixmaster for Your Favorite Martian. He is a supporting character in YFMTS.


Phase 1[]

In the first phase, DeeJay wore a bright blue tracksuit with two yellow lines running down the left side of the jacket. He had black hair styled into an afro, and his eyes were visible in Transphobic Techno, Grandma Got A Facebook and Tig Ol' Bitties. He is 5'8", making him the second shortest of the group.[1]

Phase 2[]

DeeJay's design changed the least in the transition from Studio Ladybug to Cosmic Toast, except for the colors becoming less saturated. He also sometimes wore black and yellow headphones in music videos.


DeeJay often acts as the voice of reason within the group, as he frequently helps the others get out of messes they made. He is not afraid to speak his mind, as shown in YFMTS #4 when he calls Tara the "bride of Chucky." He appears to be the most competent in the band as well, as he is shown doing many simple things for them, such as when they broke down in YFMTS #3 and he fixed the engine. DeeJay seems to like insulting people as well, as he is shown to have a passion for "yo mama" jokes.


  • He has a cousin named Dee Jayne. This could mean that "Dee" is a running nickname in their family.
  • He was the backup singer for YFM before that spot was taken by Benatar.
  • He can play the guitar, as seen in Alien (Unplugged.)