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Your Favorite Martian Wiki

so this is where the brach hangs out

when you aren't working security this is

my heaven the jersey shorts full of rose

soup five panty droppers excuse me

gentlemen I have to see about him food

pardon me if I said you had a beautiful

body could I put my penis in it okay see

that I was about to score

don't sweat it buff you got douchebag it

happens screw that guy you know what I'm

gonna get twice buff and twice as do she

has any of these pricks might get rocked

with Brock regimen will douche up even

the scrawny is kitten of a man then

it'll definitely work for me cuz I'm

already pretty buff you will learn

quickly young ass hopper


never wait whoa whoa easy girl

it is time nice buttress DJ you mama

thought so too let's go kick some

douchebag ass look for more do a couple

sit-ups and you think you are we might

want to dial back is vitamin cocktail

three hours late [ __ ] man what have you

is such a [ __ ] douche net practice

done so I can get my what the [ __ ] I

can't see yes you're a douchebag now

buff you have to let certain things go

like listening to NPR wearing glasses

I haven't talents oh I love my muscles

but it's not worth it

can we reverse it Brock Wow it's

difficult being a douche at this level

is serious but there is one way Harry

Potter read it don't come back until you

know what happened at Hogwarts it's a


how can this happen the only way that

they douche completely is to read a hot

book from cover to cover

Harry proud hard is this Moby Dick


oh you'll always be a douche to us puff

puff seriously you're a douche