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Autoerotic asphyxiation, right?Benatar

Benatar is the guitarist, pianist and keytarist for Your Favorite Martian. He is a supporting character in YFMTS. He is seen with blond hair and a blue suit, supported by a red tie. He is the only British member of the group.

• Appearance •

Phase 1

In phase one, Benatar was nothing more than a recolor of Axel Chains, only with shorter, dirty blonde hair and different clothing. He wore a bright blue suit jacket, white undershirt and a dark red tie. He also wore black pants and white shoes. He is 6'0", making him the second tallest member of the band.[1]

Phase 2

Benatar's design changed the most since phase one. His hair was made brighter and restyled to cover his eyes. His jacket was made a darker shade of blue and his tie was made brighter and longer, and he kept the black pants and white shoes. His keytar also got a drastic redesign and became more detailed.

• Personality •

Benatar is quiet, as he rarely speaks in the series, and polite. He falls in love easily, as shown in FRIEND ZONE, and cares about his friends a lot. However, he can be a bit airheaded, as in YFMTS #7 he mistakenly uses a thermometer as an anal inspector. Although quiet, he is very passionate, as he was eager to show everybody his song in YFMTS #3.

• Trivia •

  • He has a British accent, as heard in a few music videos, and in the series.
  • He was voiced by Ray William Johnson in the series, The same man who made the series and voiced Puff-Puff.
  • He has one solo song, JUPITER, but he has taken the lead on a lot of songs in the past.
  • He seems to be disliked by the other members of the band because of him being British.

• References •

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