Benatar is the most hated among the band and is constantly bullied by Puff Puff Humbert.

He is the bands guitarist


Phase 1 Edit

In phase one, Benatar seemed to be a re-color of Axel Chains with shorter hair and different features. he wore his blue jacket was brighter, white undershirt, and his red tie was shorter.

Phase 2 Edit

After the redesign, he got a different hairstyle. His jacket became darker and his tie was lighter and longer.

Songs Featured Edit

  • All
    • Except Orphan Tears, Robot Bar Fight and Transphobic Techno

Instruments PlayedEdit

  1. Guitar
  2. Keytar
  3. Piano

Gallery Edit

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  • He has a British acent, as heard in a few music videos, and in the series
  • .He has a pet banana named Bananatar
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