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community-service my ass we were doing a

community service when we got busted in

the first place how can has playing a

free concert be disturbing the peace you

get set off pyrotechnics and a

children's playground Puff oughtta be

out here doing this crap man I would be

Fat Boy but in case you forgot the judge

put me on house arrest or bus arrest in

this case I can't leave the moment I

cross that doorway the stupid cuff will

go off and the cops will come get me and

take me to prison and I'll get butt

raped told you not to be your own lawyer

dude how are you gonna get balls deep

with that chick TIG I forgot she can't

find out I got arrested she'd never go

out with me again well I'm certain if

you just explained to her my date we'll

just have to stay on the bus tik cannot

find out I'm under house arrest do what

you got to do man but I'm not going

anywhere I'm tired as hell

good stay back there and have your gay

wha time or whatever it is you do I will

be up here with takes penis inside me I

mean the other way around

I hope these tulips will get tags to

lips I'm up Ernest hey pretty lady your

prince and shining armor is here to pick

you up you could have come to the door

I'm just pumped to get this date going

oh thanks puff I grow tulips just like

these wait are these my tulips I picked

them myself

I guess that's sweet wow you look like

[ __ ] you should freshen up in the

bathroom I'll get dinner ready I look

like [ __ ]

wait is there lipstick on my teeth haha

chicks that ought to buy me an hour

welcome to burger barn may I take your

order yeah what do you have that seems

homemade alright I'll have two happy

bunny salads and to triple cow patty

burgers would you like fries with that

what do I look like a common street

[ __ ] of course I want fries with that

have a moody full evening burger barn

loves you

and I can't help but suspect you cut

yourself I slaved over a hot stove for

hours I don't even know how you ladies

do it well Bon Appetit you have a deep

fryer in here

yes it's the thought that counts I guess

come on what's more romantic than an

old-fashioned drive-in movie huh when

Holly and Fred went to prom together

they never expected to be disavowed by a

psychotic clown

oh my god that's disgusting you took me

to a horror film is that a lung or a

brain I could make out to this that's it

puff-puff this has been the worst date

of my entire life

take me home now good night puffs

forever I won't expect you to walk me to

the door you know you're going to jail

right it was worth it



axl here to tell you what yfm is up to

we're back in the studio recording new

[ __ ] isn't that right Vincent

that means YF MTX is on a break for a

little while but don't panic bass music

videos are gonna come out as usual

aren't they Benson but in order to say

thanks to our fans for a great first

season we put some free wife em down

those on Anna monsters Facebook page

wallpapers gifs digital [ __ ]

Vincent click the link below can we get

Hawk [ __ ] out of a t-shirt or what