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hi TIG hi Tara thanks so much for

watching Tara puff I'll be back in an


Tara it's gonna be a big day for us

we're gonna play music together and have

lots of fun this bus smells like beer

and feet note to self get a vasectomy

Oh give the original copy a straight out

of Compton back to Uncle puff let's

start with a few chords here use Axl's

guitar wah I don't wanna look kid I

promised your fine-ass aunt with her big

old titties that you'd have a fun

music lesson and so help me God

you will bored bored bored bored by

Jesus kid were they're like pills I was

supposed to give you or something bye

holy mark rice what the

ELMO is the matter with you you little

girl you better slurp that up puff

man get this little Bride of Chucky away

from my mixing board

you are in timeout young lady so sit

still and shut up I'm hungry

take me to Burger well you should have

thought of that before you were an

world girl scream all day honey

I'm used to stadiums full of roaring

fans sort of well hold on mom I'm almost

done the dragon I'd stay put I'm

gonna go see if there's any pickled

pig's feet left in DJ's bunk don't give

it a big

gerrae stop this bus hi I'm gonna count

to three one two may I take your order

now I hate your guts but I gotta

say you handled him turns like a boss

don't encourage your Fat Boy gigs never

gonna cuddle up with my ball sack now

yeah I was really sweet

TIG before Tara says a word I want you

to know I tried hi ng tag I had the best

time puff-puff taught me some stuff

wanna see hey you get your damn hands

off her anyone get that reference

no but seriously don't touch my guitar

very good Tara Wow puffs I am really

impressed so what do you say same time

next week

hahaha best news ever